About us

The quality of our products gives you full success!

With an experience of more than 20 years, founded in 1993, ALFA MECHIM company is in present producer of adhesives and varnish, cosmetical and maintenance products.

Our goal is to obtain high quality products at competitive prices on the market.

The efforts of the managerial team in order to obtain this major goal came to a success along the years through the sales constancy and also through the experience gained all this time.

The concern of the management team of ALFA MECHIM to apply the newest management concepts continue in present.

The quality goals in ALFA MECHIM

  • Customer satisfaction increase and maintenance of their confidence, obtained by focusing on their requirements;
  • Providing the human, material, and substructure resources required for continuous improvement of system effectiveness, maintenance of the work environment such to meet the conformity with product requirements.

Environmental policy

  • Continuous evaluation and control of the environment aspects and the improvement of the environment performance;
  • Optimization of raw materials, materials and utilities specific consumption’s and losses minimization;
  • Compliance with Romanian regulations concerning environment protection and ranging with the European Union Directives regarding environment protection.

Our Perspectives

  • Our priorities are the development of the company’s equipment, also the extension of the working area, of the raw materials and final products storage area.

Since 2001, ALFA MECHIM has been joined on the market by the newly founded company ALFA CHIM, whose object of activity is the manufacturing of household products.

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